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1-800-956-5695 7AM-5PM M-F CST.

You can also Buy Amsoil Products 24/7 directly from my online retail catalog.


Buy Amsoil is one of the best things you can do for your car, truck, watercraft, boat, motor cycle, or any other motorized equipment you may own. It is also very important for business owners which specialize in trucking fleets, farming equipment, construction sites, car washes, repair shops, quick lubes, etc.


If you plan to buy Amsoil for $75.00 or more a year you are better off becoming an Amsoil Preferred Customer. You can do this one of three ways:

  1. At the time you make your purchases at the top left of the Amsoil Online Store you will see Preferred Customer. You may become a preferred customer at the time of purchase. To learn more about the benefits of becoming a preferred customer please visit the following two pages. Page 1 & Page 2. ($10.00 per 6 months or $20.00 per year membership fee applies)

  2. If you would like to become a preferred customer now but buy Amsoil at a future time you may sign up directly here.

  3. I will mail you out an application form. Just fill out the preferred customer form.

If you have friends that would like to buy Amsoil or start your own home business you must receive an application form through the mail. This also qualifies you to buy Amsoil at wholesale prices. To receive your application you may receive them in one of three ways.

  1. Visit Amsoil's corporate website and fill out their application form. You have the option of also requesting an Amsoil retail catalog at this time.

  2. Visit my Amsoil Home Dealership application form.

  3. Download the application. For US residents download form 1. Canadian residents download form 2.

If you need help to buy Amsoil please fill out my product application form. Please be specific so I can make sure you purchase the right Amsoil products for your needs. If I don't know the answer I will make sure I find someone who will.


If you decide to buy Amsoil and the products will not exceed $75.00 per year please fill out the above form or visit the online application guide. This guide tells you exactly what you need for your car, truck, and motorcycle. If you need help with watercraft, lawn mowers, tractor equipment, etc. please fill out the product application form. I have also included a quick tutorial to help you use the online application guide.


If you would like to learn more before you buy Amsoil please visit the Amsoil Product Information Page. Amsoil also carries a full line of Mother car care products.


For business owners who wish to buy Amsoil so they can resale them in their retail store (by opening a retail account) please fill out the form here.No minimum purchase amount required. Absolutely No Processing or Setup Fees apply. Once I have received the form I will mail you out an application the next business day.


For business owners who wish to buy Amsoil so they can use the products in their company equipment at discount prices (by opening a commercial account) please fill out the form here. Absolutely No Minimum Purchase Amount required. Absolutely No Processing or Setup Fees apply.This account is not for resale of Amsoil Products. For business consumption only. Once I have received the form I will mail you out an application the next business day.


If you would still like to learn more about Amsoil Products and the company itself you can start out by visiting my home page or the Amsoil Products Page.



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